Lease of dedicated line

Lease of dedicated communication channels — is reliable and high-speed data exchange between your offices and affiliates located in different parts of Baku city.
«AZ-EVRO TEL» AzEuroTel offers the service of organization of dedicated channels «point-to-point» which enables reliable communication between client offices for transmitting of large-volume data or organization of corporate telephone and computer network.

Provide usage of communication channels :

— Connection of corporate networks to global networks of data transmission;
— Combination of data transmission networks of government institutions and offices and their connection with other similar networks;
— Development of corporate telephone and computer networks;
— Connection of switching and routing equipment of operators’ and providers’ network;
— Connection of operators’ communication centers to more popular points of international traffic exchange or to centers of large foreign providers;
«last mile» organization.

Digital channels of «AZ-EVRO TEL» are :

— Use of high technologies;
— High quality in all points of network access;
— Warranted speed of data exchange;
— Possibility for service reserving on all layers;
— 24-hour monitoring of all centers;
— Highly skilled technical support in «24 hour / 7 days» mode.

Our specialists implement a full range of works on designing, construction and exploitation of communication networks. This allows organizing of turnkey digital channels in relatively short terms and high quality.



Connecting Line

Zone Double-wire line Note
One-time payment (manat) Monthly payment (manat)
In «AZ-EVRO TEL» zone
Out of zone «AZ-EVRO TEL» According to price list of Ministry of Communication

Note : The cost does not include the price of end equipment from Customer and services provider.

Wireless line
(for ATMs and POS-terminals while connecting to AzeriCard system)

Speed One-time payment (manat) Monthly payment (manat) Note
  9,6 Kb/s