WiMAX Technology

WiMAX — is a telecommunication technology developed with a purpose of provision of universal wireless communication at long distances for wide spectrum of devices (from working stations and portable computers to mobile telephones).
WiMAX network enables provision of broadband access to subscribers which do not have an opportunity for connection with use of traditional wire technologies. WiMAX is similar to DSL-access at speeds up to 10 Mbit/s in structure and quality.
WiMAX technology allows working in any conditions including conditions of heavy urban development providing the high quality of communication and data transfer speed. WiMAX could be used for establishment of broadband connections of «last mile», deployment of wireless access points, network organization between company branches and other tasks solution which were earlier limited with traditional technologies.
WiMAX technology developed by «AZ-EVRO TEL» allows provision of wide range of services for users including core Internet services and Triple Play services providing services integrity in multiservice network (video, voice, data).

For Corporate Clients

Data transfer is used for integration of regionally remote local networks of customer in unique corporate network for the purpose of simplification of interaction between company offices and its management improvement.
A great advantage of wireless virtual private networks is low expenses for network organization in comparison with leased cable channels or own fiber-optic lines laying.
The standard subscriber set is used for end equipment connection. The system used by us functions in default of direct visibility and provides high quality of communication.
The service gives an opportunity for reserving of more critical parts of corporate networks, connection of transactional terminals (ATMs, POS-terminals and etc.), network architecture without additional charges when moving and access to corporate network from any coverage zone of WiMAX network.
Offered solution is distinguished with quick organization of wireless channel, low cost in comparison with service provided with use of leased cable channel and extremely favorable tariff plans.

Offer is valid depending on technical availability.