Dial-Up Connection

Dial-Up Access is one of the oldest and simple methods of connection requiring minimum number of installed devices in telephone line. While using dial-up access you could get Internet access up to 56 Kbit/s. For connection to Internet through dial-up access it is sufficient to have telephone line at home and standard modem using V.90, V.92 protocols.

Internet access via dial-up lines is realized by number dialing through usual telephone and dial-up communication channel is generated through which data is transferred. During work of dial-up channel telephone is busy.

In order to start working in Internet you will only need to obtain modem. Dial-up modems are available in two types :

1. Internal modem is installed internally in computer in free PCI-slot, costs cheaper and is recommended for telephone lines connected to digital Exchanges. Internal modem could be hard or soft, soft-modem is recommended for «weak» computers (processor lower than Pentium-2), hard-modem — for the rest of computers.

2. External modem is connected to computer through COM or USB interface, more expensive and recommended for telephone lines connected to analogue Exchanges.